5 Bridal Shoe Designers that you Really Should Look at!

5 Bridal Shoe Designers that You Should Look at!

It is only natural that the bride should have the best! After all its widely considered to be most important and special day a her life. Usually, when it comes to the bride’s dress, she spares no expenses. The shoes, however, most brides often overlook.

To overlook the brides shoes would be a huge mistake! After all if her feet are not comfortable then neither will she be. This discomfort will show on her face. Extreme discomfort in the feet can potentially ruin not only the brides mood, but also her facial expressions in her wedding pictures!

Consider also the fact that the bride will typically be on her feet for much longer than an average day would require. So, this will increase the likelihood of her discomfort.

A bride should not, therefore, take lightly her choice of bridal shoes. Neither should the price set aside for them be too low. If you need to save on something: the brides shoes should not be your first choice!

The following are our top 5 picks for high-end designer bridal shoes. We explain what we like each particular shoe designer and why it would be worth considering.

Valentino Wedding Shoes

Italian shoes are world-renowned for their quality, comfort, and style. It should be no surprise therefore that it is an Italian designer that made the top of our list. In fact it is probably no surprise that we start our list with Valentino. Valentino is a classic and world-renowned for their quality, comfort, and craftsmanship. 

A very popular choice among brides and any fashion conscious woman are the Rockstud pumps. Most women quickly recognize and appreciate them. Few women can justify paying the price for a pair of them under normal circumstances. However, your wedding day is a perfect excuse!

Manolo Blahnik Bridal Shoe Collection

Our second choice should be no surprise to shoe fanatics either. Manolo Blahnik produces some of the best and most comfortable heels on the market. 

His brand was catapulted by its prominence in the popular television series “Sex and the City”. However, they owe their success mainly to the quality and comfort of their shoes!

An interesting side note is that before “Sex and the City” his shoes were first popularized in a British Tv series. The series was: “Absolutely Fabulous” and it enjoyed great success in England (running 5 seasons).

Rest assured that the higher price tag that comes with Manolo Blahnik’s shoes, however, is not based on hype. Quality and comfort are of utmost importance to this designer, and it shows!

Manolo Blahnik was born of an influential family in the Canary Islands (Spain). His mother undoubtedly influenced his obsession with shoes. It is said that due to the scarcity during WWII his mother learned from a local shoe-smith how to make her own shoes. Manolo reportedly imitated her making small shoes for his pets. 

Humble beginnings to a great empire!

Jimmy Choo Bridal Boutique

Jimmy Choo is another staple in the luxury shoe industry. Or should we say luxury Choo industry? 😉

These shoes are a favorite among the rich and famous. Princess Diane was on of Choo’s most distinguished, and loyal customers. Many celebrities swear that his shoes are probably the most comfortable on the market! 

Choo himself was born in Malaysia to a family of shoe craftsmen. He studied in London were he opened his first shoe shop. The Choo brand today is run by his niece and the shoes are made in Italy, insuring high quality.

However, Jimmy Choo sold his shares to his niece and broke away from the confusion of high end shoe production. He did this to concentrate on his true  passion: the art of hand made shoes. In his small shop in London, Jimmy Choo still makes high-end shoes with his own hands! While some of his handmade shoes cost under $1,000 the most expensive was valued at over $1,000,000!

Jimmy Choo is a fascinating character and deserves every bit of his prestige in the fashion industry!

Christian Louboutin

Louboutin, not to be confused with Luis Vuitton, is another spectacular choice for a fashion conscious bride. Especially for the bride who understands the wisdom in buying a quality pair of shoes for her special day! 

Louboutin is a French designer that specialized in stiletto style heels. Many, in fact, credit him for bringing the stiletto style back into the spotlight in the nineties. 

The most recognizable feature of his latest shoes are their patented red soles. Louboutin masterfully incorporated these red soles in a way that seemed unthinkable. His artistic, somewhat eccentric, use of red soles took off with the public. The red soles helped distinguish his brand and catapult him in the industry.   

The comfort of his stilettos, along with the peculiar emotion of the red soles, make them perfect for the wedding day. An interesting side note is that he also makes a great shoe for the groom, red sole and all. This creates unique photo opportunities!

Sergio Rossi’s Bridal Collection

We started our list with an Italian shoe designer and we will end it with another one: Sergio Rossi. While Sergio Rossi may not be as renowned as Valentino, he certainly deserves a place on our list!

Sergio Rossi learned the tricks of the trade from his father. Shoemaking was in his blood! Early on he made the move to Milan, full of ambition. Once he settled in Milan Sergio Rossi refined his techniques working with high end craftsman and eagerly learning as much as he could from them. 

In Italy they often say it isn’t what you know, but who you know. For Rossi, however, it was a combination of the two that helped him quickly rise to the top. His passion and perseverance kept him there up until now! 

So who did Sergio Rossi “know” that helped him get started? None other than: Gianni Versace himself. This acquaintance helped introduce him to a world in which he naturally excelled.  

Sergio Rossi continues to produce high quality hand made Italian shoes. All brides should look at and consider choosing a shoe from his bridal collection!  

This list of our favorite 5 high-end bridal shoe designers was written to inspire and give you a basis to understanding the world of high-high-end designer shoes. 

Most of the shoe lines included will cost over $500 a pair. However, as we stated earlier what a better excuse to enjoy a designer shoe than your wedding day! 

If your budget doesn’t allow you this luxury just yet, there is no harm in dreaming 😉 One day you probably will be able to justify it! 

We will be writing an article shortly on our favorite 5 bridal shoes for a bride on a budget. So stay tuned for our favorite suggestions on a budget!