5 Essential Tips for Comfortable Face Masks

Wearing a face mask is one of the most controversial subjects of 2020. While it is true that the debate is disguised by the freedom to choose, the reason people want to choose really boils down to two main reasons.

As we have previously discussed, these two main reasons are: either because people don’t like the way face masks feel or they don’t like the way they look wearing one.

In our previous post, Fashion[link] we covered the problem of fashion, as we brought out there are many ways to take advantage of this unique moment to enjoy the fashion opportunities that it offers. 

In this post, we will address the other problem, that of comfort. There are several things that you can do to make mask-wearing more comfortable.

Face mask Tip 1: Pick the Right Fabric 

Especially during the summer months, is it important to pick a lightweight fabric. Medical masks or N95 masks are made with synthetic materials that irritate our skin and give toxins when we breathe. 

Cotton, linen, or other lightweight natural materials can do a great job of protecting us while greatly enhancing both the looks and feel of wearing a mask.

Face mask Tip 2: Adjust Your Makeup Accordingly

Few things can mess up your makeup job like a face mask! Not only can it smear or remove your makeup job, but face masks hide most of it. It is best to replace foundation with a good moisturizer and skip the lipstick altogether (at least until you find yourself in front of a Zoom camera). 

While preparing to leave the house with a mask, concentrate on your eyes. Bold eyeliner can enhance the mysterious look that a fashionable face mask can produce. 

Face mask Tip 3: Learn How to Wear Your Glasses 

One of the biggest complaints with masks comes from those who use glasses. It may seem impossible at first; however, it is possible to combine glasses with face masks. The biggest complaint comes from glasses fogging up. This can be solved by simply buying an inexpensive antifog treatment for your lenses. 

The next thing to take into consideration is to find a mask that you can put under your glasses. Trying to put your glasses in front of the mask is uncomfortable and doesn’t work very well.   

Face mask Tip 4: Keep Your Mask Dry 

If you live in a dry place like Arizona, this is an easy task; however, if you live somewhere hot and humid like Florida, you will quickly discover the discomfort that a humid or wet face mask can cause.  

One of the best things that you can do is choose an absorbent material. We have already mentioned the breathability of a lightweight cotton mask; however, more may be needed in some areas. A good option is to buy a bamboo mask; bamboo material can absorb around three times more sweat than cotton. Hemp material is also a very breathable and absorbent option.

Face mask Tip 5: Keep Plenty of Spares 

It is a good idea to have a variety of masks, using the same mask every day is like never changing your socks! It is important hygienically, but also mentally to change your mask regularly. 

It is also good to keep a spare in your car or purse at all times. Sometimes changing the mask during the day can help alleviate the pressure that may develop because of friction that a certain mask causes. Periodically changing your mask is a simple and safe solution.


While masks seemed to be uncomfortable or unfashionable at the beginning of the pandemic, many have discovered that they can actually be quite comfortable and fashionable! We should all take advantage of this fashion opportunity while it lasts!