5 Essential Tips for Comfortable Face Masks

Wearing a face mask is one of the most controversial subjects of 2020. While it is true that the debate is disguised by the freedom to choose, the reason people want to choose really boils down to two main reasons. As we have previously discussed, these two main reasons are: either because people don’t like…… Continue reading 5 Essential Tips for Comfortable Face Masks

Zoom Meeting Fashion Tips

Before 2020 few people regularly used Zoom or other video conferencing programs. By the beginning of 2020, however, they have become an integral part of our lives.  Most of us know what it is like to gasp at our image onscreen and wonder why we look so bad! A new kind of envy has settled…… Continue reading Zoom Meeting Fashion Tips

Wear Face Masks Fashionably

There have been many debates about mask-wearing lately. While the majority have accepted the benefits of mask-wearing, there are still many who prefer not to wear one. The main reason behind rejecting wearing a mask, even though most don’t admit it, is simply not liking the look and feel of wearing one. We hope that…… Continue reading Wear Face Masks Fashionably