Timberland Boots, an American Icon

Timberland: the “Original Yellow Boot” has long been a popular American icon. The classic look has been copied by many, but never really duplicated.  How did the concept of this simple yet intriguing boot come about? How did it grow to become so recognizable?  This article will answer these questions. It will do so while…… Continue reading Timberland Boots, an American Icon

3 Simple Tips to Identify Genuine Leather

I often reminisce the years that I spent working with an elderly leather craftsman back in Italy. Leonardo was his name, he had learned the art of working with genuine leather from his father who in turn learned it from his father.  His methods were old school to say the least, and quality of the…… Continue reading 3 Simple Tips to Identify Genuine Leather

What Type of Hiking Boot Should I Buy?

Few things feels as good as the emotion that hits you while hiking up an intense and beautiful trail on a crisp sunny day! Few things, however, can ruin that wonderful feeling than the painful realization that you are wearing the wrong boots! The boots that you choose before a hike can, and probably will,…… Continue reading What Type of Hiking Boot Should I Buy?

Understanding Hiking Boot Jargon

If you are shopping online for hiking boots you probably keep running in to difficult descriptions. Ones that you aren’t quite sure about. Your online shopping can become an intimidating experience as a result.Buying hiking boots online can be an intimidating process because of this. There are a lot of things to consider. In addition…… Continue reading Understanding Hiking Boot Jargon