Cowgirl Boots for the Bride?

On her special day a bride should be as beautiful, graceful, and splendid as possible. No detail should be left to chance. Could that include cowboy boots? Let find out!

The shoes that a bride wears are an integral part of her wedding attire and can greatly influence her image. They can, however, also greatly influence the way she feels. The way she feels about herself as well as her physical well-being. 

The type of shoes that a bride chooses to wear should be conducive to her personality. As well as the obvious combining well with her dress. Her shoes should also be conducive to the environment of the wedding and reception. Of course they should also be very comfortable to her feet.

Classic high heels, are the usually choice for most brides. They do not, however, usually fill the above mentioned criteria very well.

As you surely have noticed by the title of this article; my suggestion to any brides is to wear cowboy boots on their special day. That is a suggestion that many often mock or laugh at. However, when heeded and done right it can be an amazing choice. All you need to do is to look at a few well thought out pictures. Once you do this you will see that cowboy boots can add a very nice touch to a wedding. A touch that can be surprisingly elegant.

5 Reasons that a bride should consider wearing cowboy boots

1)  Cowboy boots are very, very comfortable!

A typical bride will spend most of her day on her feet. The wedding day is very special, however, it is not easy! Uncomfortable shoes will be very trying on any bride and risk ruining her day. Cowboy boots are so comfortable that many claim that they are even more comfortable than sneakers.

Comfort and adaptability are especially important if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Barn weddings and weddings at ranches are also very popular choices right now. Classic high heels would not be a good choice for such environments. 

2) Cowboy boots are a great way for a bride to make a stylish yet very bold statement.

Nowadays no-one wants to be just like everyone else, something different good and individuality is praised. Cowboy boots on a bride are fascinating, shocking, and intriguing at the same time. When done right they will add intrigue and class to the bride.

3) Cowboy boots are amazing for picture props.

All it takes is a quick search on Pinterest to see the many fascinating foot props. Props that work nicely thanks to cowboy boots in weddings. Cowboy boots make for humorous, romantic, or classic pictures. 

4) Cowboy boots are an American heritage icon.

They are a great way to add an American flare to any wedding. There was recently an Italian couple who chose a country theme for their wedding in upstate NY. The Italian bride wore cowboy boots, so can be a connection to American culture whether you are American or not!

If the bride or groom come from the American countryside the use of cowboy boots would be even more meaningful. It would be a way of connecting to ones identity, to their roots!

5) You can wear them regularly for years to come!

The typical wedding shoe can only be used on special occasions, if ever, after the wedding day. That is a lot of money to spend on shoes that will be worn only once. 

Country boots can be artfully combined with dresses in an elegant fashion. On the other end of the spectrum they can also be worn with jeans. They also can look quite sexy when worn with shorts. You can wear them in the summer, fall, spring and winter. In other words you will definitely get your moneys worth out of them!

How to Artfully Combine Cowboy Boots with a Wedding Gown

Cowboy boots isn’t as simple as just throwing on a pair of boots. It isn’t, however, really that hard to pull off in an elegant fashion.

The most important advice that we can give is to pick out your dress before picking out your boots. The dress is after all the most important part of the brides attire. Not to mention that it can be very, very hard to match a dress to boots. Whereas it is much, much easier to match boots to a dress. 

Keep in mind the following factors when picking out boots: 

There are many styles to choose from. Some brides want the contrast of genuine brown leather cowboy boots under a fluffy white dress. This works and can be very elegant. 

However, some brides want more of a fancy boot. You can find sparkling cowboy boots with rhinestones, fancy embroidering, and all the works. Or you can find simpler yet dignified leather boots with features that stand out less. 

Many brides like the idea of white cowboy boots, tope tan or light gray also combine well with some dresses. 

Sometimes a huge contrast can look good also. For example, red, blue, turquoise, or yellow boots can look good with certain dresses. 

Of course there are lots of beautiful boots with reptile skins that can look very fashionable also.

The length of the dress will affect the way that the boots look. This should be taken into consideration when choosing the boots. Shorter dresses will obviously leave the boots in focal view. They are good for making a statement. On the other hand a longer dress will hide the boots making for a more elegant showcasing of the boots when desired. 

We hope this article has inspired you into considering cowboy boots for your special wedding day. 

As we have seen there are many reasons to consider it as an optimal choice. Cowboy boots are comfortable, versatile, adaptable, and elegant yet down to earth. They make a bold statement, they are very connected to American culture and heritage, and they just look great!

If this article has inspired you please continue looking for great pictures, there is no shortage of them online. Pinterest is a favorite of mine. As you look at different styles and color combinations you will get a good idea of what matches your personality and style!