Duck Boots: what are they and how do you wear them?

Duck boots are really in really in style right now, and we hope that they will stay in style for awhile. Of course they have been around for over one hundred years, so we don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon!

Also know as bean boots, duck boots are not only extremely practical and comfortable, but they are also very easy to combine with your outfits. They are great and combine with several looks and styles.

Not only are they versatile with your outfits, but they are virtually adaptable to almost any environment. They look great at the office, or when shopping downtown. They look just as great when hiking up a mountain or when fighting the snow and ice.

The Fascinating History of the “Bean Boot”

The bean boot is another name for duck boots and has to do with the history of the unmistakable style of duck boots. The term comes from the name of the company that first designed them back in the early 1900’s.

Legend has it that the founder of LL Bean, Leon Leonwood Bean, designed them after a hunting trip. On the hunting trip Mr. Bean came home with very cold and very wet feet. Determined to never repeat such a fate again he set out designing a new style of boots. 

He basically extended rubber soles to include the whole bottom part of the boot. Soft leather uppers were then sewed on above the ankle of the boot. The duck boot was born! 

Duck Boot’s American Heritage

Duck boots are as much a part of American heritage as Timberland. Most love the look, while others are somewhat turned away by it. 

Many who weren’t familiar with the look, in the past criticized the “ugliness” of the boot. However, it doesn’t usually take much time to convince those who opposed duck boots in the past. It usually only takes about a day of wearing them to fall in love with their “awkwardness”.  

Thanks to their acceptance in the fashion world not many oppose to their rustic looks anymore, but are attracted to the classic look of them.

Duck boots are now accepted, recognized, and appreciated worldwide. 

How to Wear Duck Boots Casually

Most people generally consider duck boots to be casual wear. They go incredibly with jeans and sweaters. Flannel shirts also add to the American heritage fashion of the boots. The boots are great for cool weather as well as for the snow.

The casual look can be enhanced by leaving the top laces loosened up and the boots somewhat open at the top. This will create more of a street fashion look. This way of wearing duck boots is seen a lot with casual dress, but not recommended for the snow.

If it is colder or snowy out duck boots combine greatly with thick cozy socks sticking out the top and over some insulated leggings. Combine that with a thick and cozy sweatshirt or sweater. Not only will your feet be dry and cozy, but you will look great in the snow!

You can also use duck boots elegantly with semi-formal dress. Duck boots can go nicely with semi-formal skirts and with dress pants, when combined right. Rougher materials, such as tweed usually work best.

If you wear them with dress pants or with a skirt, it is usually a good idea to wear a nice sweater or jacket over a button-up collared shirt. 

Can you Wear Duck Boots with Formal Dress?

As we mentioned before, these former hunting boots can also look great in the office! Many critics will say that you shouldn’t wear duck boots with a formal suit or with a dress. Unfortunately this is usually the case. However, you can definitely pull it off elegantly in certain circumstances and with the right combination. 

If you live in a big city, duck boots can be a savior during your commute. They can actually look very nice with formal dress, on the street, when combined with the right overcoat. Rougher materials, such as tweed, usually combine the best.

The difficulty of wearing duck boots with a suit does not mean that it can’t be pulled off elegantly. Just remember that they are more conducive to outdoor settings. In addition to a city commute to work there are also other settings that are perfect for duck boots with a suit or dress. 

An example would be someone who works for a big construction company. When in the office they would probably want a nice pair of dress shoes. However, when they need to visit a job site, especially in the winter, dress shoes would not be a good choice. Dress shoes would look awkward and be very uncomfortable on most job sites. Duck boots on the other hand are a very fashionable, comfortable, and respectable alternative.

So, if you work in a formal office setting you will probably feel more comfortable keeping a more dressy pair of shoes at the office. You can then change into them when you feel the circumstances merit a more formal look in the office or for business meetings.

Duck Boots are Here to Stay!

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, duck boots have been in style for over one hundred years! 

In addition to their long run in the American fashion scene, they have recently taken off across the world. They have become a fashion staple in colder and wetter climates.

Duck boots are fashionable, comfortable, practical and lovable. Therefore it is safe to say that Duck boots are here to stay!