Get Inspired: Men’s Suits

This is probably the most dramatic of our pictures here. For obvious reasons! We don't recomend doing this at home, but it makes for a great wedding picture at the end of the day!

This gallery was put together in order to inspire and give ideas. We will include some of our most stylish and dramatic ideas.

Whether you are a searching for inspiration on styles of men’s suits, color combinations, or accesiories, we think you will get inspired by this post!

If you are a photographer looking for ideas, then you are also in the right place! Each picture herein was picked with care in order to inspire and touch emotions!

Along with each photo we will share what we found inspiring about the photo.

Mens’ Suits Style and Fashion Inspiration

The photo below is probably the most dramatic of our pictures here. For obvious reasons! We don’t recomend doing this at home, but it makes for a great wedding picture at the end of the day!

The navy suit with a light blue shit is a classic look (below). In this case the unbuttoned top without a tie adds to the casual yet sophisticated look. The leather penny-loafers without socks also make a nice casual touch.

The brown tweed suit jacket below is an inspiring example of a classic casual way to use a suit. The zip up sweater along with the denim shirt make a very nice accentuation to the jacket. Of course the Coach Leather bag strap over the shoulder does a lot to enhance the look!

Below is another great example of how you can combine a classic, stylish look with new, casual one. The double breasted suit jacket worn by itself over a white untucked button-up shirt give a sharp look. The tie is navy blue to match the material of the vest. The gold watch chain is a great accessory. It is also interesting how the leather bracelet ties in nicely with the leather watch on the opposite hand.

Below is another example of the ‘hipster’ look being artfully mixed with business. The difference is that there is nothing casual about the outfit. It is amazing how the eccentric beard and hair can look so elegant and respectable, while calling for attention. The black suit with the red tie is a classic combination that has never really ever gone out of style. Ones first thought would be to combine it with a white shirt, however, if you look closely the shirt has a very light blue tinge. This adds to the unique yet classic look.

The classic combination below is simple and striking. The contrast of the small white dots over the dark blue silk tie combines gracefully with both the white shirt and the blue suit. There is a fashion principal here that my mother always ingrained in me. That is that your tie should have the same identical colors in it as both the shirt and the tie. Although there are many exceptions to this ‘rule’ it is a great trick to matching a tie with a shirt and suit.

There are few combinations as classic as a black tie over a white shirt combined with a black suit! It isn’t hared to understand why this works. The look is very elegant, serious, and sophisticated. Of course in order to pull it off without looking ‘geeky’ you need to make sure that your suit is fitted right.

Here is the red tie once again! It really odes do a lot to brighten up and outfit without taking away from its classiness. The vest also does its part in making the man below very sophisticated. The look that is given off is one of competence and trustworthiness! It is also worth mentioning the sock. White socks with a suit is usually an absolute no no! However, the fine silk low cut socks that are worn below actually add class to the outfit.

We choose this picture because of the way it mixes casual and comfortable without loosing the feeling of competence and trust. The man below is actually wearing jeans no jacket and no socks! Even though this is the case, he is put together so well that he wouldn’t look out of place heading up a board meeting. The artful color combinations along with the right selection of materials help achieve this.

The suit below is well fit and elegant. Notice how the tie combines well with the jacket. At first glance it seems to combine because of the contrast, however, if you look closer you will see that the blue lines in the suit jacket material are of the same shade that is prominent in the tie. The small dark dots in the tie also take on the same shade as the dark gray in the wool suit jacket. This sublime connection is barely noticeable, however it subconsciously does wonders to the look of the outfit!

Who would think that a knit bowtie could look that elegant! the outfit below is a great model of eccentric clothing that is combined in a stylish way. Not many people would dare wear a white suit jacket with squares on it, let alone with such a vest and a knit tie. However, as you can see this combination works! It looks very elegant and stylish.

The example below is one that my mother would be proud of. She always taught me the tie should have the same colors in it as the shirt and suit. While this isn’t a set rule it is a great way to insure that your outfit matches and looks great. Notice how the there are basically only two colors in the whole outfit. The suit is dark blue, the shirt is light blue; the tie has the same tones of both dark blue and light blue. In this way the tie, ties everything together perfectly :-).

Once again we find the classic black tie on a white shirt with a black suit. There are, however, several factors that make this outfit stand out. The dark hat and black leather gloves, for example. Notice how the double breasted overcoat almost takes on the look of a suit jacket, however, he surely has a suit jacket on under it. The backdrop is dramatic, and also easy to find in any large city.

Pinstripe suits will never go out of fashion! What goes out of fashion is the tailoring, but the material is a classic. Notice how the belt buckle accentuates the pinstripes in the suit. The belt buckle also flows seamlessly with the other accessories: the ring and even the shoes with their squared tips.

Sometimes a leather jacket can replace your suit jacket. This of course de[pends largely on what you will be doing. It can work nicely for most cooler outdoor events. Too formal of a dress shirt or too elegant of a tie might look out of place with such a jacket as seen below. However, the choice of a textured fabric and simple tie combine very nicely.

Below is a controversial style to say the least! It definitely isn’t for everyone, however, it is quite striking and surprisingly sophisticated. The suit pants and vest without the jacket, or shirt for that matter, look surprisingly nice with the sleeveless shirt worn underneath. The red white and blue leather belt combines amazingly with the white leather penny loafers. Really the outfit is one that maybe only Gucci could have pulled off!