The 5 Most Searched for Designer Bags

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When you think of designer bags, what comes to mind? Surely an image of a sleek fine leather hand bag, but what logo do you see on it?

After doing a substantial amount of research we came up with the five most searched for designer bags online.  In this article we will examine them one by one. So keep reading and see if the bag that you pictured is among the five!

We will count down from the fifth to the first most searched for designer bag online.

The 5TH most searched for designer bags online are: GUCCI BAGS 

Gucci has a very long history of producing fine leather products and really deserves its place on this list. 

Guccio Gucci was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1881. As a young man he left his hometown for an experience working abroad. He chose Paris and began working in a luxury hotel in the enchanting city. 

Guccio grew up in an Italian city that was famous worldwide for its quality leather craftsmanship. He thus quickly and keenly noticed the quality bags and luggage that the weathly carried through the luxury hotel where he worked. 

Upon returning to Florence Guccio Gucci opened up a leather shop that sold traditional leather crafts. Gucci was very successful and produced high quality and desirable products. As his sons grew up he started teaching them the trade and they eventually helped him open up other stores in Tuscany and elsewhere, the first stores outside of Florence were in the fashion capital Milan, and the Italian capital Rome.  

Gucci is famous not only for its leather work, but also for its unique fabric. Gucci’s stated to include fabric during the second world war. There was obviusly shortages in materials, including leather. In order to keep his stores stocked with products Gucci decided to start using fabric. Even though fabric is an “inferior” material Gucci did not skimp on the quality and craftsmanship of the bags. Not only did not skimp on the quality, but in fact he excelled in his use of fabric!

Gucci hits the international scene:

It was in the 1950’s that Gucci bought the first offices in New York. Gucci quickly became a status symbol. A highly desired product among the rich and famous as well as among members of high-society.

Handbags produced by Gucci became one of the most searched for designer bags online thanks to their past success and their solid product. But also thanks to their savvy digital marketing in more modern times.

Gucci has put a lot of consideration into their online shopping experience. They do a great job at including high resolution photos and videos to showcase their products. A visit to their website is well worth it! 

The 4TH most searched for designer bags online are: COACH BAGS 

Coach bags are literally everywhere. The fact that there are almost one thousand Coach stores in over twenty countries and five continents attests to their success as a global leader in the world of luxury designer bags. 

It all started almost 80 years ago in Manhattan, Miles and Lillian Cahn were running a small business under the name “Manhattan Leather Bags”. Legend has it that one day Miles found himself enamored by the design of a baseball glove and he found himself wondering if he could create a handbag that with similar characteristics. 

He went on to design a collection of twelve high quality handbags. Similar to the baseball glove, he made the bags from high quality, flexible, tan leather. These bags attested to the creativity of the designer and helped distinguish him in the fashion scene in New York City.

The company also owes a lot to Lew Frankfort. It was in the late 1970’s that he joined the team and brought Coach to a whole new level. They say that it was thanks to Frankfort that what was a small, although excellent, manufacturer of leather handbags and leather goods became a world-renowned luxury handbag brand.

Coach, affordable luxury:

It seems to have been the influence of Frankfort that introduced the idea of “affordable luxury”.  This idea opened up a huge niche that no one seemed to have noticed at the time. There was no shortage of either very expensive luxury handbags on the market. On the other hand there wasn’t a shortage of cheap, poorly constructed handbags either. So, when Coach introduced high quality leather handbags at an affordable price the public loved it! 

As Coach evolved it continued to expand in size and products. Instead of just handbags Coach toyed in many sectors of the fashion industry. FOr example: watches,  jackets, raincoats, wallets, wristlets, and cell phone cases. 

Coach bags are definitely worthy of being the fourth most searched for online luxury handbags! 

The 3RD most searched for designer bag online is: THE BIRKIN BAG

The third most searched for designer bags online are the legendary Birkin Bags, from the world-renowned Maison Hermès. 

The Birkin bag has a very interesting history. It was 1984 and the chairman of the Hermès group, Jean-Louis Robert Frédéric Dumas, was traveling first class in a passenger plane. He happened to sit alongside an attractive British actress, Ms Birkin (hence the name Birkin Bag). The actress was a young mother at the time and noticeably struggled with getting her baby and bag situated on the plane. 

During their interesting conversation the actress complained that she couldn’t seem to find a bag that would fit her daughter’s bottles in it. That was obviously before the concept of diaper bags 😉

The idea, and the conversation with the beautiful actress, captivated Dumas and before the end of the flight his mind was racing with ideas. The result of their conversation, and the ingenuity of Dumas, was the now classic world-renowned Birkin Bag. The handbag, in addition to being sleek and distinguished, had a very surprising amount of space in it. It was even deep enough to close with a bottle in it 🙂  

The Birkin Bag took off and was a hit from the very beginning! It took less than ten years for the Birkin Bag to grab the publics attention worldwide. The design was used to produce bags in different dimensions and with different, always high quality materials, such as exotic ostrich leather and crocodile.

Buying a Birkin Bag:

Of course the Birkin Bag is not one that you can order online, not a new one anyway. You actually can’t even walk into a store and buy one. The average bag has a waiting list of over 5 years and a price tag that could cost more than a new Ferrari!

The most expensive luxury handbag to ever be bought was a diamond incrusted, Himalaya Nile Crocodile Birkin that sold for the astounding price of $300,168!

The 2ND most searched for designer bags online are: LOUIS VUITTON BAGS

Louis Vuitton bags are one of the most searched for luxury handbags online. Although Louis Vuitton himself didn’t start out making luxury handbags. 

Louis Vuitton was sixteen years old when he decided to change the direction of his life and move to the bustling city of Paris which was ripe with opportunities for the young and ambitious. 

It was upon his arrival in Paris, in 1837, that the young Louis Vuitton started his apprenticeship as a trunk maker. He started working under the successful Monsieur Maréchal. 

Back then trunks were used as luggage. The wealthy would use trunks to carry their belongings when they traveled. Such trunks had to be solid and of excellent quality, not just because they were sold to the wealthy, and not just because they would carry a substantial amount of valuables around the world, but also because luggage went through a lot in order to get to its destination.

The trunks would typically be stacked and thrown around carriages, trains, and boats, they would have to take the elements and rough ride of such primitive transportation while keeping their contents dry and safe. 

The skills that Louis Vuitton learned making such high quality luggage would stick with him and influence him for the rest of his life! 

After seventeen years under Monsieur Maréchal, Louis Vuitton decided to go out on his own and make a name for himself, and that he did!

Today the name Luis Vuitton is well know worldwide, the company continues to produce high quality, solid luggage, however, they are especially known for the high quality handbags that they produce. While Luis Vuitton handbags are quite a bit cheaper than the Birkin bag, however, you will have a hard time finding a new one for less than a thousand dollars.

The MOST searched for designer bags online are: CHANEL BAGS

The iconic quilted leather from a Chanel designer bag is unmistakable and recognizable from a mile away! 

The amazing handbags that Chanel produces are world-renowned for a good reason. It’s not just the quality, style, and usability of the bags that catapulted them into the high-fashion world; but also the original ingenuity and integrity of Coco Chanel!

Coco Chanel started designing and producing handbags back in the late 1920’s. It wasn’t until the 1950’s, however, that the masses noticed her talent. What brought on this breakthrough? None other than the iconic Chanel 2.55, this handbag still hasn’t gone out of style over sixty years after its introduction!

Why the Chanel 2.55 was so special:

What was so special about the Chanel 2.55? Back in the time that it was released women’s handbags were awkward and somewhat difficult to carry. “Lower class” women would sometimes use bags with shoulder straps. However,  “high-society” women would never dream of doing so. They thought that a classy woman should carry her bag with handles and not shoulder straps. 

It was in this close minded society that Coco Chanel did the unthinkable. She went against the current by designing a high-end handbag with a shoulder strap. 

The very idea was rebellious and unacceptable to high society. However, the beautiful and practical handbag with its chic chain shoulder strap was irresistible to the women of the time. It soon went from outcast to the in thing amongst modern high-class women.

Chanel made the 2.55 even more interesting by adding unique and intriguing features. For example, the hidden zip pocket, a back slip pocket that was perfect for quick access to cash, and even a central compartment just right for storing lipstick. Coco Chanel was as practical as she was romantic and she wasn’t afraid to do things differently.

The red leather interior was also unique. Coco Chanel chose the color based on the color of orphanage uniforms. The same uniforms that she wore growing up in an orphanage. 

The Chanel 2.55 luxury handbag catapulted Chanel deep into the fashion world over sixty years ago. Not only is Chanel still a fashion staple today, but, as of the time of that I wrote this article, Chanel bags were still the most searched for bag on the internet!