Tips on Protecting and Selling Your Designer Handbag Investment

5 Tips on Protecting Your Designer Handbag Investment 

Tip 1: Be careful of where and how you store your designer handbag!

This is very important. If you store your bag in the wrong way it could ruin or damage it. This obviously will take a lot off of the value of the bag. 

Some investors will put their bags in display cases and leave them there. If you choose this method, be sure the temperature and humidity are ideal. It is also always a good idea to clean them regularly (see tip 4).

Most women understandably want to use their bags. Make sure the bag has its own storage space. Never put the bag on a shelf with other objects that could crush it or put pressure on it in any way. 

It is not a good idea to store them with things in them, or to hang them by their handles. Hanging them would cause unnecessary wear. 

Tip 2: Never use your designer handbag in the rain

This should go without saying, however, many good bags have been ruined by the weather! This goes especially for soft leather or exotic bags that use reptile skins.

If you are caught out in the weather with an important handbag: protect it! Your hair or clothing can easily recover from the rain. Designer handbags, however, may not. So give the bag precedence and protect it above all else!

Tip 3: Rotate the use of your bags

This is an easy way to ensure that you don’t wear any one out. It can be tempting to use your favorite bag for everything. However, this will inevitably cause unnecessary wear and tear on the bag. 

It is a good idea to use your “investment” bags only for special occasions. Maybe keep a collection of mid-range luxury bags for everyday use. For example a Michael Kors or Coach bag. 

Tip 4: Clean and treat your bag regularly

Keeping your handbag clean is essential to keeping its value. This is important even if you choose not to use a bag and just to keep it in a display case. Take it out regularly to dust it off and treat the leather.

It would be a good idea to let the professionals treat and moisturize the leather regularly in order to keep it like new. Remember also that lipstick is one of the worst things for a purse, so be careful! Another common problem is caused by pens. Pens could puncture the lining of your purse. The ink could also do irreparable damage. So be careful!

Tip 5: Keep all Records

This is more of a technical aspect, but a very important one. In order to prove its value you will need the original paperwork. This will also show that the product is original. 

Some countries will confiscate exotic materials, such as alligator purses if you cannot provide the proper paperwork when traveling. Additionally certain permits are required for international shipping. Authenticity certificates are obviously an important part of reselling a bag. They also may be necessary in order to repair the bag by the original company.  

So keep all of your paperwork in a safe place!

How to get cash for your bag

There are several options available to resell your designer handbag. The most common would be on websites that specialize in the resale of luxury handbags. For example, Rebag, Fashionpile, and BagBorroworSteal are popular, respected, sites.

A popular and easy choice is eBay, however, it may be hard to get top dollar. This is because many are wary of counterfeit bags online and eBay means a private buyer without a reputation to protect. 

In most major cities you can find high end consignment shops. These are great because of convenience. However, they usually take a bug chunk out of the sale. Some take around 50% of the sale. So if you are investing in a bag, consignment shops may not be the best place to resell. However, if you are looking for an easy sell and not too particular about the price they may be a good choice.

Auctions are one of the best ways to sell your designer handbag. Make sure you find a reputable auction house. There are many reputable online auction sites to choose from. Most major cities will have local, upscale auction houses to sell your in person.