Wear Face Masks Fashionably

There have been many debates about mask-wearing lately. While the majority have accepted the benefits of mask-wearing, there are still many who prefer not to wear one. The main reason behind rejecting wearing a mask, even though most don’t admit it, is simply not liking the look and feel of wearing one.

We hope that this article will help you to look at mask-wearing in a different light. Afterall the pandemic has offered us a fashion opportunity that we wouldn’t have had otherwise!

Surgical Masks Become Fashion

The fashion industry began to flirt with the idea of fashionable masks even before there was talk of a pandemic in most of the world when Covid-19 seemed to be a faraway enemy.

For example, at the Grammys in January, Billie Elish showed up with a mask bearing Gucci’s logo. Previously on Instagram, she showed off a mask covered with Swarovski crystals.  

There were several brands that, during the emergency, restructured their production to respond to the numerous requests for masks and gowns for health care facilities, Armani was among the first to respond, followed in turn by Gucci and Prada.  

Following their example, other brands took action and started to make the day-to-day mask a pleasant accessory in the eyes of the general public, and not just doctors. New Balance has recently started production of masks for the U.S. market, taking into consideration both the health sector and the general public.

Masks are better when in fashion! 

As you can see in the pictures that we included in this post, masks are better when in fashion! There is no need to fight against the recommendations for public safety, instead of fighting make mask-wearing fun. 

Get creative and use old clothing to make your own masks, or go online, and search for the many options out there to buy fashionable and comfortable face masks. 

The Importance of Comfort and Breathability

In your quest for fashionable masks, don’t underestimate the importance of comfort. Some masks tug on your ears or pull them down in a very uncomfortable way. It is good to buy a mask with fine elastic bands instead of heavy or bulky ones. Some have extra support with velcro that goes entirely around your head.  

In the summer months, masks made from heavy fabric may seem suffocating, go for lighter fabric, such as cotton if you don’t choose the traditional surgical mask material.


The best mask is the one that you will wear, so take your time and find what works for you. Once you find a model that you like, you can try experimenting with colors. Many choose to combine their mask with their clothes, shoes, bags, or even their cellphone!

Have fun with masks instead of being irritated by them. Afterall the pandemic has offered us a fashion opportunity that we wouldn’t have had otherwise!